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Oct 25, 2019

some of the best new shows you're probably not watching
would you sign a waiver to go in a haunted house
ashley got scared at cvs from a halloween decoration
what's something that everyone looks stupid doing...according to a new reddit poll
would you prefer to see the calorie listing or the amount of exercise required to burn it off on the food label
some of the scariest "real" places in the country...
ashley and brad play "think 'n sync"
how did some parents get creative on "time out" punishments
would you rather get a root canal or sing the national anthem at a sporting event?
what's a parents' biggest pet peeve when they get their kids a car?
goodbye/fun facts....1955: The microwave oven was introduced in Mansfield, Ohio at the corporate headquarters of the Tappan Company. The manufacturer put a $1,200 price tag ($10,000 in today's money) on the new stove that could cook eggs in 22 seconds, bacon in 90 seconds....sales were slow until the mid 1980's when 25% of households had 90% of all u.s. households have a microwave.