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Oct 26, 2019

10 easy/cheap halloween costumes that are just a black costume with one accesory
according to wallet hub...what are the best baseball cities
students in china get fined for being late to class...have you ever wanted to fine someone who is late all the time?
the most tweeted about food/drinks
what has technology ruined for you?
foods with the most hidden salt
former disney employee stole props and costumes and sold them on the internet
we judge other peoples homes in less than 40's what we judge the most
a road detour in england sent people 41 miles out of their way!
parenting pointers....dr. claudia...halloween traditions around the world
goodbye/fun is frankenstein friday...which recognizes author Mary Shelly, who wrote the novel Frankenstein...although some sources observe it on August 30th in honor of Mary Shelley’s birthday....The film world has created more than 60 movies or shorts on the theme of Frankenstein. Edison Studios produced the very first film version, Frankenstein, in 1910.