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Oct 31, 2019

cold cures that have been passed down from the generations
are you intimidated by doing everyday tasks on your own?
which sesame street character is your favorite?
funny and interesting quotes about work from famous people
occupations people fear the most
most iconic movie songs of all time
according to wallet hub...the best small cities in america
peanut butter...are you supposed to refrigerate or store in the pantry?
worst gift employees have gotten from their companies
relationship deal breakers according to a new poll
goodbye/fun facts....why are the official colors of halloween orange and black? the ancient precursor to Halloween began with the Celts...and their calendar year began on November 1, coinciding with the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter. Beginning with the most obvious association, black represents death, darkness, and the longer nights that winter brings..Orange was likely chosen as the dominant color of fall, when leaves exhibit shades of orange and red not typically seen in nature during the rest of the year