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Mar 26, 2019

ever wonder which nationalities are tallest...and the shortest? we've got the list...
foods we like when we're one of your favorites on this list?
according to usa today...there's a list of things you shouldn't eat before you fly
would you buy a designer bag from goodwill...or collectible sneakers?
the germiest thing in the office...
news 3 sports that involve a net but not a ball. answer: hockey, badminton, and fishing
brad gives ashley "the feud"
the new way to travel is actually a throwback to the early 1900's
given the giant college cheating scandal that's going on....would YOU pay (if you had the money) for your kid to get into an elite school?
what's the happiest nation in the world? (and the usa BARELY makes the top 20)
goodbye/fun facts....David Evans Strickler, a 23-year-old apprentice pharmacist at Tassel Pharmacy, located at 805 Ligonier Street in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, invented the banana-based triple ice cream sundae in 1904. The sundae originally cost 10 cents,