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Mar 28, 2019

what do you think about cursive handwriting? do you even know how to write in cursive?
who we don't want to be friends with on social media...
do you prefer to eat in or take out if you don't prepare food at home
ashley and brad play "would you rather"
brainstorming is so last year! (plus...according to a study from doesn't really work because of we're judged)...
jail or court order to go without your favorite guilty pleasure?
where do you learn about "healthy" eating trends
april fool's day is coming on monday...what are some of the best jokes you've ever played on someone
since americans drive so much (mostly commutes...but also for travel) do you adhere to your service appointments?
millennials are abandoning brick and mortar stores too
goodbye/fun facts....Little Red Wagon Day, celebrated annually on the last Wednesday of March, honors the original little red wagon. Antonio Pasin started building wooden toy wagons in Chicago in 1917, selling them to area shops. He was working as a craftsman at the time, mostly selling phonograph cabinets, and built small wooden wagons to carry around his tools. After he received numerous requests from customers of phonograph cabinets to buy the wagons as well, he refocused his business on the wagons.