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Mar 29, 2019

celebrity doppelganger...(celebrities that look like each other) you like a celebrity? which one?
how much do you typically tip live musicians at bars, restaurants, hotels etc
we cringe at our old "stylish" looks...what was your worst fashion infraction?
has your pet ever sent you to the doctor
things creative geniuses have in common
most annoying slang words this year
the healthiest places to live according to us news and world report:
are your smart devices listening even when you ask them not to?
what age do women start turning into their moms?
fun ways to prank your kids on april fool's day (since it's on monday)
goodbye/fun facts....Fresh eggs sink in water and rotten eggs will float...just in time for easter...when you buy a bunch of eggs--bring them home and put them in water...the ones that sink, use for breakfast or for cooking and ones that start to float--use for decorating!!