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Mar 31, 2019

what americans do with their old they recycle them or keep them?
the new trend in engagement rings is a "loaner ring"
birth accurate is this?
have you ever thrown a gadget in a fit of rage? what about pounding your computer keyboard?
how can you keep yourself on budget? according to experts...only carry large bills...
a woman in new york wants $5 million from tgi fridays because she bought potato skins in the store that didn't look like the ones at the restaurant
what age is good for "kids" to get their driver's license...
verizon worker got in a lot of trouble for rescuing a cat...fair or not fair?
how often do you come to work sick?
parenting pointers with dr. claudia...what parents may want to have that are fun, delicious, and useful
goodbye/fun facts....tomorrow (saturday march 30th is "take a walk in the park day") It is an opportunity for exercise and relaxation. A walk in the park is just what the doctor ordered. Its calming and therapeutic. make sure to do so with a clear mind and with your eyes open...NO PHONES! take in the beauty of nature's wonders: flowers, and trees, birds, and wildlife.