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Apr 27, 2019

speed bumps vs speed humps vs 3D printed raised blocks
how to avoid over-packing for a vacation
when you play scrabble...are you a word snob?
what do kids think of school lunches...most don't like their school cafeteria
people can't even shake hands at work anymore due to sexual harrasment
feel good story of the day...3 men in alabama invite an elderly lady dining alone to join them
ashley and brad the slogan game
75% of teenagers share waaaaaay too much personal info online
surprising things your dogs hates
parenting pointers with dr. shaming
goodbye/fun facts....The IRS manual lays out the basic ground rules for "continuity planning", which ensures that they will still be able to function under any number of extreme circumstances including: wars, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, pandemic influenza, and yes, even nuclear explosions. (You can read all about it in the IRS manual).