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May 28, 2019

strangest canned foods
according to woman's day are just a few ways to honor america's fallen heroes for memorial day
studies show that MEN make more impulse purchases than women...but in the studio...ashley might be culprit
1,000 u.s. driver were asked there opinions about what driving behaviors infuriate them
best and worst states for military retirees
how long should you wait to go on a trip with someone you're dating
what do americans think about the most? more than what we're going to cook for dinner
how do you know if you're being insulted? there's a big difference between americans and brits
ashley gives brad a memorial day quiz
what's a "workout hangover" and how do you cure it?
goodbye/fun facts....the golden gate bridge was opened on this date in 1937....The Golden Gate Bridge in 1930 had 2300 lawsuits against of those lawsuits was brought by the Southern Pacific Railroad, which owned 51 percent of the ferry company that took commuters and cars between San Francisco and Marin County. The much debated color of the bridge was finally decided: International Orange...The paint for the bridge is currently supplied by Sherwin-Williams.