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Jun 30, 2019

most and least patriotic states...according to wallet hub. do you agree?
we've all heard how fast cars depreciate...but guess what else depreciates super fast too...your smartphone!!
when is the first time advertisers should be allowed to start with the "back to school" stuff?
what are some of the designs that tattoo artists are sick and tired doing
how much do people spend on wedding gifts? the old "rule" vs the new "rule"
there are the common dog names...and then there are the uncommon/funny dog these...
your odds of dying in some weird summer activity...
if you eat a hot pepper and it's too do you stop the burn?
what foods and other household items that should have a bacon flavor or scent added...
a "male" owl at a sanctuary in england suprised the staffed when it layed an egg last week...turns out...for 23 was a female bird!!
goodbye/fun is national sunglasses day....the campaign to raise consumer awareness of the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. Although the origins of Sunglasses Day are unknown, the history of sunglasses stretches as far back as 14th century China, where judges used eyewear made of smoke-coloured quartz to mask their emotions. Fast-forward 600 years and modern sunglasses as we know them today were first marketed by entrepreneur Sam Foster in 1929 at the Woolworth's store on the Atlantic City Boardwalk...known as "Foster Grants"