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Aug 26, 2019

movies so bad they're you agree? what's on your list?
would you be ok if your car/car company spied on you?
workplace pet peeves
feel good story of the day...98 year old grocery bagger
how do you rank your driving do you rank others? a new study shows that 74% of us think we drive better than anyone else
what age is the right time for....first dates? wearing make up? staying home alone?
most people who wear yoga clothes...have never even been to a yoga class...does this happen with any other sport?
things we would rather do than have to remember one more &#($%^@ password!
ashley's husband stops by the studio to talk about a football game
parenting pointers with dr. claudia...if armageddon were truly to happen...what would you do if you only had a few days to live?
goodbye/fun of the bucket list items for many travellers is the Hollywood Walk of's the closest most of us will get to our favorite stars. there's a whole process involved...and a $40,000 fee (to create, install and maintain the star)...and you can have several stars in different bob hope, frank sinatra, roy rogers and jack benny...but only one star has a star in all 5 categories...legedary entertainer Gene Autry.