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Oct 31, 2020

biggest superstitions...
game: halloween pyramid
jerry seinfeld halloween comedy bit...
have you ever been scared in your own home?
halloween trivia
halloween comedy bit
game: halloween 5 second rule
what you eat reveals about you
halloween bad dad jokes
newser ranked top halloween movies of all time
goodbye/fun facts....A blue moon — by definition a rarity — will rise this month, notably on Halloween. The lunar event means simply that a second full moon will rise in the same month. The first one, a harvest moon, lit up the sky on Oct. 1. It won’t actually be blue unless there are dust and smoke particles of a certain size, which can scatter red light and make the moon take on a bluish hue, according to The next blue moon will hit skies on Aug. 30, 2023. Full moons on Halloween are even rarer. They only happen every 18 or 19 years. So get out your telescopes tomorrow!!!