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Dec 30, 2020

have we become more or less rude this year?
items you've borrowed and never returned and/or things borrowed from you and never returned
new slang words
passion killers...the "3 year itch"
game: true or false
what board games from your childhood do you still have?
worst grocery store item of 2020
new year's resolutions
game: movie password
vehicle trends we don't love
goodbye/fun facts....Tick Tock Day, observed annually on December 29th, reminds us to complete any unfinished business that might need addressing before the end of the year. As the end of the year approaches, many items call for our attention. Unfinished business usually needs to be wrapped up before the end of the calendar year. Things like larger business purchases and charitable donations for the tax year may need to be transacted before December 31st.
Tick Tock Day may also be a day to look at personal goals. Did you finish reading that book? Did you do all you set out to do? Maybe your goals are grander or simpler. Whatever they are, tick-tock.