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Feb 26, 2020

at what age do you let kids start dressing themselves?
would you try insect fat instead of butter?
what do you that puts you in a "high maintenance" category
get ready to turn your clocks ahead...but why at 2am?
america claims to be #1 in many categories...(rightfully so!!) but here are some things maybe we shouldn't be so proud of
worst states to be a man
how many consecutive episodes of something do you watch before it's considered "binge watching"
things not to do when you're sleep deprived
favorite cereal...general mills has a new one that costs $13 a box!
what's the one this your company could do to make it a better place to work
goodbye/fun is world bartender day (not to be confused with national bartender day in december...Bartenders play an important social role...They deal with many types of patrons: people hanging out with friends, people on dates, people relaxing after work, and people who sometimes get a little too unruly in bars....On top of this social role, bartenders must remember the names of many drinks, what goes in them and how much, and the type of glass the drink is served in.