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Mar 27, 2020

ice therapy...would you do it?
what are you going to do with your government stimulus check?
what's your favorite time of day? it reveals a lot about you
words that we use are based on people's actual names (like sandwich)
food/items that are not being bought during the pandemic
will any new habits that you're doing now be part of your lifestyle routine going forward?
ashley and brad play "battle of the sexes" part 1
ashley and brad play "battle of the sexes" part 2
9 celebrity documentaries you can/should stream right now
stupid burglar story
goodbye/fun facts....Celebrate the ode to nougat...the tasty confectionary made from mixture of honey, sugar, nuts. nougat has never been more deserving of its own day....3 Musketeers, Mars, Snickers, Charleston Chews. Nougat originated in the Middle East around the eighth century but didn't rise in popularity until the seventeenth century in France...the French put nougat in candy bars to resemble the texture and flavor of ice cream.