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May 28, 2020

best way to cool down when it gets super hot outside
worst garden trends of all time
ashley gives brad a quiz
brad gives ashley the feud
some people love flat soda...what "weird" food do you like?
happiness is the little things
what's the one activity you are sooooo ready to get back to?
good news...kid gets skateboard to tony hawk
besides drinking it...what is beer good for?
what "strict" rules did your high school have that schools don't have today
goodbye/fun's national grape poscicle day....In San Francisco, California, in 1905, 11-yr-old Frank Epperson was outside on his porch, mixing water with a white powdered flavoring to make soda. Upon going inside, he left it there on the porch with the stirring stick still in it. That night the temperature reached a record low and the following morning, Frank discovered the drink had frozen to the stick. Epperson applied for a patent in 1924...and the rest is history