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Jan 12, 2022

cows with vr headsets...really?
on a scale of 1-10...where do most men rate themselves?
game: would you rather
taco bell now has a $10 monthly subscription service..what kind of monthly service would you want for $10?
how do you reset your day when it starts badly
would you want to drive a car that changes color?
game: movie password
new/healthy foods to look out for this year
cities with the most and least active lifestyle
is it ok to spy on your roommates?
goodbye/fun thank you day. how many ways can you say 'thank you'...merci, danke, gracias, arigato, spasibo....It is essential to show gratitude from the bottom of the heart to those who made your life better and happier....and we often take "thank you" for granted. take a moment and say thank someone today who has helped you or who means something to you. It'll make both of your days.