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Jan 27, 2021

what's been your number one comfort food lately?
what's the biggest tip you've left over the last year?
game: answer wrong and win
what's the happiest time of your day?
what do we do most during the super bowl?
feel good story of the day...teacher on a bus
game: name that one hit wonder
home we all look the same now?
things we're doing out of quarantine boredom
how you undress tells a lot about your personality
goodbye/fun facts....national peanut brittle day....Peanut Brittle includes caramelized sugar or corn syrup. Nuts are added to the molten sugar and then poured onto a flat surface such as granite or marble and smoothed into a thin sheet. The candy cools into a hard, brittle treat that is broken into smaller pieces. The history of peanut brittle is uncertain, though one legend says it was all a mistake. The story goes that a southern woman was making taffy and instead of using cream of tartar, she used baking soda by accident. Since the candy keeps well, it makes a great gift