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Oct 28, 2021

halloween much we spend etc
a british study found "the worst smell" you agree?
game:What year was it
what's your holiday decorating go-to/secret especially in dealing with supply chain issues or decorating on a budget
no shave november is coming up...are you participating?
do you take being frugal into the deep zone? can a person be 'too cheap'?
are you a candy scrooge?
how much halloween candy is too much?
what a good 'buy it before you need it' product?
goodbye/fun facts....Lung Health Day...each year millions of people succumb to some form of lung disease many of which could easily have been prevented if some care had been taken of and possibly even prevented through avoiding the use of tobacco products, regular exercise, a healthy diet full of antioxidants. The human body can live without food and water for a period of time, but it cannot survive for more than a few minutes without air. Some of the more common lung irritants found indoors include lead, formaldehyde, radon, cleaning agent vapors and fire-retardants. As they say, prevention is better than cure