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Dec 24, 2021

when was the last time you couldn't stop laughing over something silly
if you don't make resolutions for yourself...would you dare suggest a resolution for someone else?
cute idea to help kids part with toys they don't need/play with anymore
game: movie password
what don't you want any more of for christmas gifts...ties? perfume? kitchen gadgets?
things from 2021 that we like so much we want to make a permanent part of our lives
things you didn't know you could do with beer according to popular mechanics
game: movie trivia
do you like wrapping gifts or would you rather poke your eyes out?
keanu reeves' list of movies he thinks everyone should watch...will brad agree with ANY of these?
goodbye/fun facts....Get ready to snuggle in your warm blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and your favorite holiday snacks! it's national christmas movie marathon day!! The world’s first Christmas movie was a silent short made in 1898, titled ‘Santa Claus.’ it was just over a minute long, this was the first time that Santa Claus graced the screens. in fact...A lot of the early Christmas films were short movies. and now there is no end to the types of christmas if you're favorite is elf, or home alone or it's a wonderful life or die hard or the nightmare before christmas can watch them all today as you marathon movies all day!!