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Feb 23, 2021

what household chore are you not good at
kfc is making 3D printed meat
do you barter for things?
self cleaning underwear
chefs "dish" on canned foods
game: quiz
game: feud
what will it take for you to return to the mall
most sleep deprived states
according to career builder what should you never do at work
goodbye/fun facts....Play More Cards Day was created in 2013 by Bicycle Cards, the biggest producer of playing cards in the United States. The company began producing their cards in 1885, and they have since had sizable roles in various important historical events.For example, during World War II, the deck was designed as a puzzle, which when put together, became a map. This map was supposed to help potential prisoners make their way to safety once they escaped. Playing cards hit the big time in 1628 in France and the most popular card games are blackjack, poker, rummy, hearts, war, crazy 8's, cribbage, and uno