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Apr 24, 2021

what age is it ok to leave kids in the car and run into the store...
what do you do when you see someone in public you don't want to talk to
would you want to be able to call other drivers and tell them to speed up or slow down?
do you zillow check people
product placement in old films
game; battle of the sexes part 1
game; battle of the sexes part 2
listener feedback break
snobbiest state
if you moved back into your teen room..what would it look like?
goodbye/fun laboratory day...World Laboratory Day celebrates the place where great discoveries, inventions, and medical cures are made. Its also where mad scientists dwell. Perhaps the most well known thing to come out of laboratory was...Frankenstein! labs (and the technicians that world in them) are responsible for creating treatments for deadly diseases, putting satellites in outer space, and discovering new elements on the periodic table. maybe take in a good lab movie like: awakenings, the elephant man, lorenzo's oil, or documentaries on people like: walter reed, marie curie, or louis pasteur