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May 28, 2021

hilarious tweets from moms...things that your kids said that you mad and laugh at the same time
fun with telemarketers
game: outburst
how long could you survive in the wilderness?
when you think someone is offering you something...but then they charge you for it
did you get a tattoo that you now regret?
words that are older than you think
game: blunderful
have you ever been kicked out of anywhere?
best burger topping for memorial day cookout
goodbye/fun facts.....Red Nose Day — put on by Comic Relief U.S. — raises money to combat child poverty. Over the past six years, the campaign has raised more than $240 million and helped more than 25 million children around the world and right here in America. children in the United States are facing higher levels of hunger, homelessness and a growing learning gap due to the widespread ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Walgreens stores across the nation are also participating, and this year offering a digital version of the iconic red nose in exchange for donations.