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May 29, 2021

if you were in charge of the world...what would you change
the 1980's snack that dieticians say you should never ever ever ever eat
game: memorial day quiz
what's your roadtrip playlist
quess what the newest shortage is
according to hasbro...things you should never do in public
game: what year was it?
what would get you to take a new iphone?
have you tried one of the dna testing kits...what did you find out?
what are the best sides for your bbq plate?
goodbye/fun facts....National Sunscreen Day is the perfect time to recognize the danger that comes with going to the beach, the lake, even the backyard. These and other traditional sunbathing spots, considered harmless in the past, now carry a yellow flag of warning against skin cancer...even up to the 1980s, there were dozens if not hundreds of “bronzers” and “suntan lotions” on the market that not only didn’t block UV rays before they hit your skin but were designed to enhance the sun’s we're supposed to use at least a 30% spf and reapply several times during the day