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Jul 30, 2021

why wouldn't you go to the moon?
would you put your life up for sale on $2 million?
unbelieveable (but true) reasons people have been fired
game: movie password
olympic athlete day jobs
listener feedback break
great travel hacks
how do you look busy at work?
best dogs for lazy people
goodbye/fun facts....national lipstick day...Lipstick has likely been around for thousands of years, made out of an insane array of items..The first people to wear lipstick were likely Ancient Sumerians who used crushed gemstones on their lips..Lipsticks in some form also caught on in ancient China with beeswax, and in Ancient Greece, where courtesans wore berry-derived dyes on their lips. By the 19th century, the first commercial lipstick made of deer tallow, castor oil, and beeswax had been made in France by a company called Guerlain. and in 1973...bonnie bell introduced their 'lip smacker' lip balm line so even little girls could act like big girls.