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Nov 25, 2022

"cheers" thanksgiving
almost 5 year old trivia
larry the cable guy thanksgiving
turkey facts last year 1-3
first thanksgiving script
food trivia 
thanksgiving facts
stan freberg's thanksgiving
indivdual calorie count of thanksgiving food
swanson's tv dinner history
goodbye/fun facts....Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the biggest and most anticipated events.  The parade was first introduced in 1924 and has continued to grow and develop since then.  Rowland Hussey Macy was a businessman born in 1822 in Massachusetts. In 1843, Rowland Macy opened four dry goods stores to serve the mill industry.  1858, moved to New York City, renaming his store “R.H. Macy Dry Goods” 1902 Macy’s flagship store moves to Herald the way...The famous Macy’s logo is inspired by the founder Rowland Macy’s tattoo of a red star (either on his hand or forearm), which symbolizes the time when he was lost at sea while working as a whaler