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Dec 28, 2022

declutter as you put your holiday decor away
most generous cities and states
what do you sing in the shower
game: general trivia
where do most americans hide to get away from their families?
tom foran from Yellowstone
game: pyramid
new year superstitions
game:  who wants to be a fake millionaire
have you ever tried to do another job while working at your current job?
goodbye/fun facts....Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day...foil paper, construction paper, glitters, scissors.  It’s a great way to creatively spend time with the family after the hustle and bustle of Christmas and keep the children out of mischief. Making snowflakes is a modern tradition, but the method for creating it is based on the old art of origami. The concept of origami is about folding a piece of paper several times to create objects, and it started in Japan around the 17th century.  With the digital revolution, old traditions are gradually disappearing. Cutting out snowflakes is a simple activity that is nostalgic and revives fond childhood memories