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Dec 29, 2022

what kind of "nye personality" do you have?
how far will you travel for great service? (or are you just too lazy to find someone closer?)
game: $5 box 'o trivia's cold...but where are the coldest places in the u.s.?
creative new year's resolutions that aren't so...resolution-y
game: outburst
blogger asked: what are the best things in life?
how many holiday toys have your kids already destroyed?
game: everybody knows
nostradamus' predictions 2023
goodbye/fun facts....Card Playing Day...It is the ideal activity to spend time with your family without having to chatter away or go on some big outing.  A standard pack of cards may be used for playing a variety of card games, with varying elements of skill and chance, some of which are played for money. Some of the top card games include Spades, Poker, Solitaire,  Hearts, Gin Rummy, Bridge, Black Jack, and Texas Hold’em. Of course, there are thousands of card games.  what's your favorite?