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Dec 30, 2022

average person is losing 10 nights of sleep PER MONTH!
things you should never stop doing in life
silly/ridiculous/funny game shows and/or sporting events from around the world
buzzfeed: things people consider "womanly" that men could seriously benefit from
game: scattergories
people talk a lot about "new year/new you"...what's one thing you think will be easy to make you 'new'
can a company apologize enough?
game: getting to know you
good news roads with old plastic
game: slogan game
goodbye/fun facts....Tick Tock Day...not the short-form video hosting service...but tick tock like time is running out.  today reminds us to complete any unfinished business that might need addressing before the end of the year. Things like larger business purchases and charitable donations for the tax year may need to be transacted before December 31st. keep in mind...Every moment not spent living life to the fullest is another moment that is gone forever, impossible to reclaim.