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Feb 26, 2022

if you could get hypnotized to get rid of your worst habit...what would it be?
america's fastest growing sport is___
movies that were way better than the book
america's most unusual jobs
game:  prison commissary price is right
here's a good way to keep people from stealing your stuff!
personal chef's day is tomorrow...if you had a personal chef what would you have them make for you?
game:  password
is there a song you like (or used to like) that became a theme in a horror movie?
do you drive differently when you see cops in your rear view mirror?
goodbye/fun facts....In 2017, a group of teenage activists called the Coral Keepers established National Skip the Straw Day because in 2015 that Turtle video went Viral Marine biologist Christine Figgener records herself and her colleagues removing a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s bleeding nostril on social media.  It takes one plastic straw approximately 200 years to decompose back into the earth, which means that every single straw since its invention is still floating around somewhere on the planet to this day.