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May 28, 2022

office temperature disagreements
have you ever given a fake name when dating?
what's the worst thing you got in trouble for when you were a kid
game: scattergories
the harris poll-comfort foods
what do you call things when you can't remember the actual name of something
game: what year was it?
would you sue your co-workers if they 'left you out'
should fast food restaurants 'stay in their lane'?
best cities for summer jobs
goodbye/fun facts....On National Sunscreen Day, which is part of National Safe Sun Week  is the perfect time to recognize the danger that comes with going to the beach, the lake, even the backyard.  traditional sunbathing spots, considered harmless in the past, now carry a yellow flag of warning against skin cancer  Today, we know the true dangers of the sun’s rays (and those of UV tanning beds)  sunscreen is the number one weapon in the battle against UV-caused skin cancers.  Wait 15 minutes for the sunscreen to absorb into your skin and then seize the sunny day.