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Jun 18, 2022

if there is one thing you have too many of...what would it be (besides brad's cords...what does he have)
would you change your name to get your favorite food for free?
game: scattergories
what tastes better with ranch?
listener feedback break
game: 20 questions
have you almost been hit by a distracted driver?
would you go on vacation with your ex?
how long does it take you to plan a vacation?
feel good pickleball story of the day
goodbye/fun facts....Recognizing the luck they bring to teams, franchises, brands, and more, it's National Mascot Day.  Mascots have been around for over 130 years.  the term mascot from the French word La Mascotte which is considered a woman or girl with mystic powers and the ability to bring good luck.  A November 11, 1882 sports article in the London new paper reported a football match between Middlesborough Association and a newly formed team called La Mascotte. One player, Mr. W.E. Gregory, dressed up in costume.  The article also praises Gregory for his play on the field. Was he the first sports mascot?  In the United States, the first mention of sports mascot shows up in baseball in 1883. According to The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, a boy working for the team named “Chic” earned a reputation of bringing good luck to the players.  Who is your favorite mascot?