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Jul 26, 2022

improve your mood by the color of clothing you wear
what if you're really good at your job but your 'heart doesn't sing'?
how to stop saying I'm sorry at work
game: quiz
game: feud
what movie is perfect and shouldn't ever be re-made
how to keep your dog (animals) safe in this super hot weather
listener feedback break
what are americans favorite food (and our favorite foods to steal from our co-workers)
setting boundaries at work
goodbye/fun facts....National Hire a Veteran Day...Every day, hundreds of our military personnel leave the service in search of civilian employment and today reminds us reminds employers to consider veterans to fill their open positions.  veterans are highly trained, qualified individuals, they are ideal for numerous trades. Data shows that veterans excel in different positions in all of the following areas: engineering, cybersecurity, sales, marketing, healthcare, information technology, and skilled trades.