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Jul 28, 2022

roommate horror stories from buzzfeed
what actors can you not understand?
game: mindtrap
listener feedback break
would you be more likely to bike to work if you could shower once you got there?
game: getting to know you
how many of these healthy things do you do in a day?
how often do you wake up grumpy?
what's the most of anything you've ever eaten in one sitting?
if you could pick one age and stay that age...what age would you pick?
goodbye/fun facts....National Walk on Stilts Day...Actually an ancient art, stilt-walking today is most often seen at the circus, in festivals, at street events and in parades.  Shepherds used stilts in the late 1800′s to ease traveling through the rough terrain of bushes, brush and pools of water and traversing marshes with safety.  The London Marathon is an annual racing event that includes different marathons, including a stilts marathon.Today Stilts are used for washing large windows, repairing roofs, painting high walls and ceilings and by drywall companies.