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Jul 29, 2022

listener feedback break
what did you skip school for?
americans like boneless wings...but those aren't really wings
game: everybody knows
what's something you always notice on people
should offices offer free food and amenities to get workers?
game:  movie password
would you answer an unrecognizable number if the company logo came up instead?
how much would you pay for a lounge chair at the hotel you're already paying for?
have you ever pretended to have an injury to get to the front of the line?
goodbye/fun facts....National Waterpark Day.  In the United States, nearly every state has a waterpark.  Since their introduction in the late 1940s and early 1950s, waterparks have grown immensely in popularity  From the youngest family member to grandma and grandpa, there’s a splashable, relaxable experience for all. North America’s first indoor waterpark was built in Canada and named World Waterpark in Edmonton, Alberta. but Kalahari Resorts in Wisconsin is the biggest indoor waterpark, measuring 125,000 square feet.