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Aug 2, 2022

would you work for free food at a restaurant since it's so hard to find good workers
tips on how to cope with the stress of inflation
what do you put in your outdoor space to jazz it up
game: quiz
game: feud
would you hire an obituary coach
dishes chefs don't like to make
mets pitcher says pitchcom should be you agree?
dumpster diving side hustle
should we go back to having a 'chaperone society'?
goodbye/fun facts....International Mahjong Day.  The 4 player game of strategy became popular in the United States in the 1920s. While we play the game with tiles, it’s much like rummy. The players meld beautifully designed tiles with Chinese characters and symbols to earn points.  The game of Mahjong originated in Shanghai, China. There is speculation that the game of Mahjong was created thousands of years ago by Confucius.  If you don’t know how to play, gather some friends together, and learn! It’s simple once you can recognize the different characters and symbols.