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Sep 27, 2022

how do you deal with nosy questions
would you be ok if your entire flight was given ukuleles?
what's the absolute least amount of money you need to live off per day
fall wardrobe essentials for men and women
when did you realize you turned into your parents
game: quiz
game: feud
do you like when games/game shows change a rule 
how did you learn to take pills/medicine?
halloween costume ideas reader's digest
goodbye/fun facts....The second best thing about National Dumpling Day is that no matter your ancestry, you probably have some form of dumpling in your history. ​Archaeological evidence suggestions the Swiss baked dumplings from flour, cereal, and water more than 5,600 years ago. ​According to Chinese legend, dumplings were invented in the Three Kingdoms era in 225 AD.  and by the 1300's ​Italian ravioli originated in Tuscany and Venice in the 14th century. Dumplings consist of small pieces of dough. Generally, but not always, the dough is wrapped around a filling.  The dough may be composed of flour, potatoes, or bread.