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Sep 28, 2022

what's something you have to limit yourself on?
singapore might have a solution to eating a nice quiet dinner out
the holidays are coming...what are some of your "holiday rules"?
would you rather clean something or just replace it?
game: acryonm game
most popular dog names and breeds 2022
at what point should children be adults
game: who wants to be a fake millionaire
feel good story
how do you deal with loud popcorn eaters and drink slurpers at the movies?
goodbye/fun facts....National Crush a Can Day dedicates time to educating the country about the benefits of recycling. Aluminum cans are the second most recycled material after steel in the United States. Not only is aluminum 100% recyclable, but it also uses 95% less energy to recycle an old can into a new one. However, we still throw out more than 1 million tons of aluminum each year.  it all started in 1795 when The French emperor Napoleon offers a prize of 12,000 francs to anyone who could invent a method of preserving food for his army and navy....and look how far we've come!