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Nov 22, 2023

best and worst cover songs of all time
word of the day
we all wanted the jetsons lifestyle and now that it's you still want it?
game: 6 year old trivia
1-800-butterball...a&b talk to tara rose
game: just over $1,000 pyramid
don't put these foods in your garbage disposal
do you have martha stewart's thanksgiving must have?
game: is ashley smarter than a 5 grader
thanksgiving around the world
goodbye/fun facts....national stuffing day...stuffing is a major player in the world of Thanksgiving. is it stuffing or dressing?  stuffing means it was cooked inside the bird...dressing means it was cooked separately...each preparation is a personal preference or family tradition. there are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes it—it can be bread, any kind of bread, rice, quinoa, and even matzo. or you can buy stores bought...all thanks to a home economist in 1972 named Ruth Siems. ever heard of stove top stuffing? Her name was the first listed on United States Patent 3,870,803 Her patent was based on a certain size of bread crumb that makes the rehydration of the dried bread a perfect consistency