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Nov 24, 2023

game: opening one second of songs
word of the day
do you limit your outdoor time/activites in the shorter days of winter?
game: store slogan game
how often do you reach out for help with your tech/gadgets
should self checkouts be '10 items or less only' as well?  one retailer thinks so!
game: scattergories
thanksgiving timeline (lifehacker) "the day before"
is there really a difference between fresh and frozen turkey?
do you have a working fire extinguisher in your home?
goodbye/fun facts....national tie one on day...(no...not that kind!!). this day celebrates the apron...sort of...On National Tie One On Day, apron-clad people in their homes put a sweet little note in an apron, wrap a loaf of bread in it, and deliver it to anyone who they’d like to show a little holiday love. Cooking can be messy. But the apron is there to protect your clothes...The word apron originally began as the French word "naperon" meaning doily or frock... However, when it was translated to English, the phrase "a napron" gradually separated into "an apron" giving us an accidental word.