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Nov 25, 2023

black friday tips
word of the day
are you spending the day decorating for christmas, cleaning up from thanksgiving, or neither because you have guests in your house
game: guess that movie soundtrack
holiday foods that might 'back you up'
cities with the highest package theft
game: guess that celebrity voice
dior has a new 'baby dior' perfume...are there any baby products that you love the smell of?
busiest shopping days (besides today)
what was the best part of your thanksgiving
goodbye/fun facts....tomorrow is small business saturday...In the age of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s easy to skip over the mom-and-pop shop for the big box store or online retailer. American Express, a U.S. corporation with $37 billion in revenue in 2018, started Small Business Saturday in 2010...following the 2008 market crash. Supporting small businesses means you're supporting your local economy, local business, tax base, schools, and infrastructure. so consider buying things local