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Dec 27, 2023

game:  just over $1,000 pyramid
word of the day
savings tricks that might actually help you save
game: what year was it?
returning way to deal with holiday returns
best places for nye...where are you going?
game: just over $1,000 pyramid...again
things to do during 'twixmas'
christmas was your christmas, btw?
game: outburst
goodbye/fun facts....National Thank You Note Day. Put your phone down, dust off your stationery, and get to writing. Writing a thank-you has become a bit of a lost art. so many of us just text a quick thank you for all the holiday gifts ...Writing thank you notes provides an opportunity to practice our penmanship...or even our cursive, which will improve with the more notes you write....and you can find meaningful messaging and phrasing from online sources...then write it down and pop it in the mail!