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Dec 28, 2023

creative new year's resolutions
word of the day
things to recycle from christmas (properly)
game: medicine cabinet slogan quiz
ashley's 'holiday homework' break
secret drawing room of michelangelo is now open to the public
game: I should have known 
new year traditions around the world
ringing in the new year with pets and kids
game: guess that celebrity voice
goodbye/fun facts....cut out snowflakes day...this art is that is truly ancient, and in fact is founded in the traditional Japanese art-form of Origami, specifically a variation known as Kirigami. learning the basics of folding paper to create a snowflake, available through multiple websites and videos throughout the web. Just like no two snowflakes are identical, you can cut as many different patterns as you like on your folded take out your foil paper, construction paper, copy paper or coffee filters and scissors, and design templates (if you have any) and let your inner picaso out