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Dec 29, 2023

risks we face in life..."danger ahead" book
word of the day
game: guess that celebrity who voiced an audiobook
foods that defined 2023
if you don't make resolutions for least make them for your dog
game: jeopardy style popular sequels
is there a gift santa didn't bring know you're gonna go buy it for yourself?
funniest/weirdest/most interesting things that happened in 2023 (yahoo)
game: i should have known that
do you still have out of town guests?
goodbye/fun facts....Shuffle your cards and cut the deck on Card Playing Day...It is the ideal activity to spend time with your family without having to chatter away or go on some big outing. Family game night is already a thing, but elaborate board games can be too competitive and take longer to set up. Playing cards have been around for a long time, but they didn’t start out as the 52-card deck we have today. It all began in 9th Century China when people from the Tang dynasty began developing games using paper and objects. during the Renaissance in Europe, the deck eventually evolved and was divided into four suits of swords, cups, sticks, and coins. These four suits were further developed into the modern deck we all know today, featuring hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades. If you don’t have a physical deck of cards, you can go online and play one of the thousands of card games available