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Feb 22, 2023

you can read your own palm
how long does it take you to figure out what to watch?
let the music work!!
game: blunderful
do you put anything "odd" (besides creamer) in your coffee?
careerbuilder says...don't do these things at work
game: $5 trivia
what's a "flexcation" or a "bleisure" trip?
if you thought a gift card was impersonal...get a load of this!
is it more convenient to fly or drive?
goodbye/fun facts....It’s Mardi Gras time, arguably one the best celebrations in the world...The last day of Carnival and the day before Ash Wednesday, Fat Tuesday is the intertwining of a period of festivals and feasts that lead to a time of fasting and reflection.  Mardi Gras (French for Fat Tuesday) dates back to an ancient Roman festival.  Credit for bringing Mardi Gras to America goes to French explorers...Thanks to their establishment of Fort Louis de la Mobile, modern-day Mobile, Alabama lays claim to the first Mardi Gras celebration on American soil in 1703.