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Mar 30, 2023

mlb opening day and the new food at the stadiums
word of the day
is there a celebrity you just'll watch everything they're in?
game: just over $1,000 pyramid
do you put more or less care into your appearance when you go out as you get older
biggest time wasters of our day
game: what year was it?
funny/ridiculous customer complaints at restaurants
how often do you "deep clean" your house
are the days/weeks flying by so fast that you forget your appointments?
goodbye/fun facts....National Smoke and Mirrors Day is intended both to promote appreciation of the art and skill of magicians who specialize in illusions and to remind us all to be wary of deceptive practices in daily life.   “smoke and mirrors” usually means that we’re being hoodwinked into believing something is true or that it is functional when it really isn’t.  IN 1770...The use of smoke and mirrors to create illusions is invented by the German magician Johann Georg Schrö many magicians today are superstars like:  Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, David fact Lance Burton's Las Vegas show ran for more than 30 years. but keep in mind...It’s a reminder that unlike Dorothy, we shouldn’t wait until the end to pull back the curtain to see if what we thought is real is actually masterful fakery.