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Mar 31, 2023

do you buy products based on the logo or are you loyal even they switch up their logo 
word of the day
do you (or will you start) buckling your dog in the car
game: 5 year old trivia
fine dining rules that are just silly
would you try a woolly mammoth meatball?
game: backwards song game
easter around the world
you may never need your passport again!
messy foods you don't like making at home
goodbye/fun facts....national virtual vacation day...A virtual vacation can take you on that dream vacation without you having to take time off of work or spend money. You even save yourself from all the worries of traveling and getting airsick or seasick.  there are many additional ways to travel virtually like with virtual reality apps, webcams, and online virtual tours.  Virtual Vacation Day not only takes you places but it helps you decide which places you would want to visit in person. Although visiting them virtually might not be as good as seeing them in person, it is definitely better than not seeing them at all!