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Apr 28, 2023

how often do you shop/stop at farmer's markets...or do you just go to the grocery store
word of the day
baby name trends for 2023 (maybe for dogs too)
game: think n sync
decluttering tips from a pro
things/items to make your outdoor activities even better
game: slogan game
besides the stick of french bread in the grocery bag...what other funny-ish things seem to be in all movies
would you eat differently if you knew how much you'd have to exercise instead of the calorie count?
which generation carries the most debt?
goodbye/fun facts....National Gummi Bear Day to celebrate the 100-plus years...that's right...HARIBO® founder Hans Riegel started the company in 1920 from his home kitchen. HARIBO is an acronym that contains the founder’s name and the city in which the company was born (Bonn, Germany): HAns RIegel BOnn....oh and about the green gummy bear and it's official flavor that has taken the internet by storm recently...It's not lime-, green apple-, or watermelon-flavored — it's strawberry-flavored.