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Jun 29, 2023

do you bring empty luggage with you on vacation?  flight attendants say you should!
word of the day
game: battle of the sexes part 1
game: battle of the sexes part 2
do you tell your dr. the whole truth...every time?
being on hold..."because your call is important to us"
do you get all decked out in red, white, and blue for july 4th? (spoiler: ashley does!)
fun with radio
game:  5 second rule
do you still do "regular/old school" things like talk on a landline?
goodbye/fun facts....national tapioca day...people either really love it....or really don't!  tapioca is a carb made from the cassava plant, tapioca is versatile, though tapioca pudding is the most popular.  the word comes from the 1500's... the word ‘tapioca’ is derived from Tipi'óka from the Tupi language.  Liu Han-Chieh introduces Taiwan to tapioca pearls....and they turned it into a craze called boba tea in if you didn't like tapioca pudding but you like's pretty much the same thing!