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Jul 29, 2023

if you got amazon packages accidentally...would you return them or keep them?
word of the day
did you ever do chores with your parents?  
game: mindtrap
career builder says these childish workplace behaviors are really out of control
peculiar etiquette from around the world
game: 2 lies and a truth
things you wish you didn't throw away
food network: interesting fair food...would you eat any of these
game: geneva reads song lyrics
goodbye/fun facts....national water park day...whether it's the wave pool, the rough water rides, or the lazy river...most people love to visit a water park at least once during the crazy hot summer days!!  there seems to be something for everyone...but they've only been around since the late 1940's!  whether you prefer an indoor or and outdoor waterpark...  and the u.s. has more water parks than any other country in the world.  Although it may have all started in New Zealnd during an exhibition in 1906 where they debuted 'the water slide!  in 1923 Herbert Sellner designs a ride with water toboggans that would slide down large inclines and skim across bodies of water. then in 1977 george millay opened wet n wild in orlando many other companies followed suit and our summers haven't been the same since!